By Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 • Chloe , Series 11 - Jack  

She’s just finished filming series 11 of Geordie Shore in Greece, and now Chloe Etherington is vowing to get in shape like Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson.

Chloe Etherington before filming Geordie Shore / Courtesy of Chloe Etherington

Chloe Etherington before filming Geordie Shore / Courtesy of Chloe Etherington

After putting on two stone during filming, Chloe wants to get back to her pre-Geordie Shore body. She says, “I really hate my body at the moment and badly need to get back in shape and get rid of my jelly belly.

“I loved filming the new series Geordie Shore in Greece but it was a disaster as far as my diet was concerned.

“My big problem is that I would binge eat late at night after we had been partying. I am terrible when I get mortal. When I am like that, I eat like a man.”

She says her favourite thing to eat is spaghetti bolognese pizza, but that it’s so high in calories.

After Charlotte Crosby went from a size 16 to a size eight in six months, Holly Hagan reached her goal weight of 9st 10lbs and Marnie Simpson lost over a stone in a month, Chloe wants to be the next Geordie lass to slim down.

She says, “I look at the other girls on Geordie Shore and I think, ‘I want a body like them.’ They are super skinny.

“Charlotte has got a lovely figure – it is amazing what she has achieved.

“Holly is lush – she curvy but slim at the same time and she is a great advert for getting your boobs done.

“Marnie has curves too but she is not too skinny and not too fat – she is perfect.

“I’m worried that we will go away somewhere hot with Geordie Shore and I will look so fat compared to the other girls.”

To help her reach her goal weight of 9st 7lbs, Chloe has been working with celebrity trainer Ian Guildford and taking Forza supplements.

She says, “I’ve been taking Forza’s Raspberry K2s which were recommended by my trainer. I’ve seen how they have worked wonders for other celebrities like Chloe Goodman from Celebrity Big Big Brother.

Chloe is keen to shed the pounds / Courtesy of Forza Supplements/Mike Cohen

Chloe is keen to shed the pounds / Courtesy of Forza Supplements/Mike Cohen

“They take the edge off your appetite and give you a bit of added zip when you go back to the gym. They are helping to accelerate my weight loss.

“I want viewers to see a completely new Chloe when we show the new series Geordie Shore later this year.

“We have been filming in Zante in Greece and having an absolute blast. It is the best series yet – and the most explosive.”

  • Chloe is a brand ambassador for Forza Supplements’ Raspberry K2 diet capsules which are available at Boots, Tesco, Superdrug and other retailers and via


By Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 • Season 10 - Jack  

Geordie Shore starts its new season tonight at 10pm on MTV! Yay!

We will get to catch up with Gaz, Charlotte, Holly, Aaron, Kyle, Marnie, Scott and James, and two new housemates Nathan and Chloe as they party around Newcastle.

If you are watching tonight (and, hello, you should be!) make sure to join the live discussion of the episode over on Beamly!

I am lucky enough to host the official reality television room and will be discussing the episode as it happens with the other members. I’ll be posting questions, getting your opinions and sharing my favourite parts with you all and hope you join and do the same!

Just head on over to, make an account and join the chat.

You can login with your twitter, it’s really that simple!

By Thursday, March 19th, 2015 • Jay , Ricci - Jack  

Ex-Geordie Shore stars Jay Gardner and Ricci Guarnaccio have remained close friends after leaving the MTV show.

And now, the duo are opening not one but TWO bars in Sunderland city centre.

Attico and Verve will launch next weekend on 28th March, and they can be found in the city’s Green Terrace.

The bars will both be in the same building, and Ricci said that Attico will be an ultra modern champagne and cocktail bar which will be offer free shisha to guests while Verve will be a “swanky” venue playing the latest commercial house tunes.

And the reaction on twitter seems positive too.

Good luck guys! Hope everything goes well!

By Saturday, March 14th, 2015 • Appearances and Events , Season 10 - Jack  

The season ten cast gathered in London this past week to promote the brand new series, starting 7th April.

The Geordies stood in Hyde Park reciting their very own political manifesto.

Check out the photos of the girls and guys all smart in the city!

Gallery Links
– Appearances & Events – 2015 – Series 10 Launch Photo Call – 11th March 2015

By Saturday, March 14th, 2015 • Candids , Charlotte - Jack  

Charlotte might be back on British soil, but before she jetted back from Australia she made sure to spend some quality time with boyfriend Mitch.

The pair were spotted on Botany Bay in Sydney walking on the beach and having fun on a boat.

Check out the photos in the gallery!

Gallery Links
– Candids – 2015 – Charlotte with Mitch boating on Botany Bay in Sydney – 7th March 2015

By Thursday, March 5th, 2015 • Vicky - Jack  

Vicky may have left Geordie Shore at the end of last series, but fear not!

She is fronting a brand new show for MTV made by the same people that make Geordie Shore and TOWIE, called Judge Geordie.

The series will see Vicky travelling around trying to sort out people’s problems, be that in relationships, friendships or family, all with a VIP edge.

She says, “I’m so excited I can finally let the cat out of the bag! I was so sad to leave Geordie Shore, but to come back with my own TV show is so exciting and such an amazing opportunity.

“I’m a self-righteous cow who always thinks she know best anyway so this is right up my alley! People of Great Britain watch out, I’m coming for you and I’m not holding back!”

Casting is currently underway for the series, so if you think you’d be a good fit make sure to get in touch with the team on!

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